AA Meetings

Welcome to AA in Bermuda! 

Whether you need help with a drinking problem, are curious to find out more about our 
fellowship or are a visitor to Bermuda looking for a meeting, you've come to the right 

Starting this week, the meetings in blue below will be in person and/or Zoom (times Bermuda local).  There will be a limit of 25 persons inside;  a second group may be started outside of the halls for overflow. If you have an update to provide, please let me know.  

The Onion Patch 
Meeting ID: 708 066 997
Password: 315984

Saturday Rap 
Time: The 3:00 pm
Meeting at Cathedral Hall 

Meditation Meeting
Meeting ID: 428 189 776
Password: Sunday9am
Eye Opener Group  
Meeting ID: 618 445 340
Password: 1030Sun

Big Book 
Peace Lutheran or Zoom
Meeting ID: 857 1424 7030
No password
Young & Restless Group
Meeting ID: 622 570 4470
No Password  

Back to Basics 
Peace Lutheran Church 

Step Sisters Ladies Meeting
Meeting ID: 876 5050 3243
Password: 490882

Tuesday's Men
Meeting ID: 826 9827 8551
Password: 654201

Step Group
Peace Lutheran or Zoom
Meeting ID: 115 293 069
Password: friend

Candlelight AA 
Meeting ID: 661 250 7816 
Passcode: 04AKDu 

Men's Meeting AA Bermuda
Meeting ID:  893 4858 9003
Password: 423868

St. Davids 
Chapel Of Ease Hall  

PPG Friday Night BDA  
Meeting ID: 850 5591 0450
Password:  Bigbook1!

(times Bermuda local)  



Topic: ODAT Bermuda

Time: 7:00pm

 Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 800 750 542

Password: ODAT 


Topic: East Enders Bermuda

Time: 8:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting  

 Meeting ID: 689 230 909

Password: EAST 



Topic: Penthouse Bermuda

Time: 12:30pm

Join Zoom Meeting  

 Meeting ID: 878 193 403

Password: PENTHOUSE 



 Topic: Sunset Bermuda

Time: 5:30 pm 

Join Zoom Meeting  

 Meeting ID: 598 199 800

Password: SUNSET 



Topic: Courage 2 Change Bermuda

Time: 12:30pm 

 Join Zoom Meeting  

 Meeting ID: 849 730 612

Password: C2C 



Topic: 12 Steps 2 Serenity Bermuda

Time: 5:30 pm 

Join Zoom Meeting  

Meeting ID: 498 593 202

Password: 12STEPS